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Around Citi: 2 Years Later

January 25, 2013

The last time I logged onto Around Citi, Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes were still Mets. I was still a high school senior with the uncertainty of, well, a high school senior. I thought that Logan Morrison replying to me on Twitter was one of the coolest things that happened and would help my credibility as a blogger (It DID net me my biggest audience of ever, a staggering 67 views), but beyond that, I was clueless about how to create and efficiently run a blog.

Since 2011 I’ve been part of many different projects. I joined Mets Fever and my first post, which was a speculative hypothesis, was featured on Metsblog. I spent over a year on Mets Fever and couldn’t say better things about the people that I worked with. Ed Ryan, Rob Patterson (Now of Metsmerized), Kieran, and Seth were all fun people to work with. Since then, I’ve began writing for the Daily Stache. All while being a Ruby Tuesday food runner and full-time college student majoring in journalism.

Out of pure speculation I decided to look into re-opening Around Citi for several reasons. It has always been a dream of mine to write about the Mets (or baseball) and be successful at it. How one defines success is completely independent of any other person’s definition, but my definition of success is when one feels accomplished in the work that they’re doing. I came to the conclusion that abandoning the blog that I started on was something that I didn’t want to do, but felt was necessary at the time. It’s very difficult to operate your own blog when so many other sites already dominate the blogosphere. Metsblog is owned by SNY and naturally has the largest audience. Metsmerized and Rising Apple both have extremely talented writers and nice followings. The Daily Stache is a wonderful place to write, and sites like The 7 Line, On The Black, and The Apple all have their followings.

The question has continued to plague me: Originally I believed plugging that a 17-year old writing a blog was something noteworthy. It was a gimmick that, while true, wasn’t one that would necessarily bring the masses in to read. Therefore, I looked to join an already established website.

As I’ve rediscovered Around Citi, I plan on working to make innovations to the site to help create a niche separate from the blog. I view baseball in a very objective manner (except for when I’m unrealistically optimistic, which usually comes when I’m at the ballpark) and therefore prefer to examine Sabermetrics over traditional statistics. In addition, I believe that media can be very useful in helping to create a following and therefore I intend on creating several new mediums to help bolster the site. It’s not going to be a process that will grow overnight, but my hope is that this redevelopment will be able to take baby steps to eventually become a legitimate site.

I’m not going to ever claim to have sources inside the organization or baseball, but through analysis, research, and opinions based on more than just a whim, I’m planning on trying to give a unique perspective on the Mets and their minor league affiliates as well as the grander picture of Major League Baseball.

One of the first aspects that I’m working to develop is the creation of a weekly audio show. I’ll be heading down to spring training this year from March 9th-March 17th and will look to bring exclusive pictures and hopefully land an interview or two, however brief they may be. I’m currently in the process of looking for a co-host for the audio show, so if you’re interested in the position please feel free to contact me at

The website will also be undergoing several aesthetic changes over the next few weeks. Please bear with me as I look to improve the design of the website and get graphics created.

All the best,
-Josh Chapdelaine


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